Welcome to Sphinx House


We are a relatively new company which has just started to produce its own information products.  We will be adding many more in the next few months.

We will also be reviewing other people’s products and recommending some of them.

Our weekly newsletter

We’ve been compiling a weekly newsletter for about six months and it’s proving to be popular.  Every week a huge amount is posted online about internet marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, blogging and so on and so on.  And every week, here at Sphinx House, we scour the internet to find the best articles and blog posts of the week – those that offer new information, insightful tips and ideas, and new viewpoints.  We take around 30 of the best of these and compile them into our newsletter.  We do the work so you won’t have to! For more information, click HERE

Our Blog

Ruth Kidson’s popular blog – the Marketing Information Project – has been running on Blogger for over a year.  It has now transferred to this website (see the right-hand sidebar).